Water Conservation

Water Smart Program

Easy Water Saving Tips


Saving Water and Money
See the link at the North Harris County Regional Water Authority for ways to save both water and money at home: http://www.nhcrwa.com/conservation/waste-not.html


At the heart of the Water Smart Program is taking personal responsibility for water conservation. Take a look at these common sense tips and see how easy it is to be part of the Water Smart team.

Inside the Home

  • Wash only full loads of clothes and dishes
  • Never leave water running while brushing your teeth.
  • Repair leaky fixtures such as faucets and toilets

Outside the Home

  • Water plants and yard only when necessary. Comply with designated rationing schedule if one is in effect.
  • Never water or use sprinklers during the heat of the day
  • Introduce native plants to your property and use Xeriscape methods.
  • Postpone washing your vehicle. If feasible, wash the vehicle on your lawn, not in the driveway where the runoff will be lost to the sewer.

   Leak Calculator

DRIPS PER MINUTE (small/slower leaks)
Simply count the number of drips in one minute from the leaky fixture.
Note: 5 drips per second amounts to a steady stream.

Drip CalculatorEnter # of drips per minute.

Gallons Wasted/Day
Gallons Wasted/Month*
Gallons Wasted/Year