Recreational Facility

HCMUD 43 Recreational Facilities

Park Master Plan

Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 43 Recreation Facilities


Other Relevant Factors
Relationship with the City of Houston
Under existing Texas law, since the District lies wholly within the extraterritorial jurisdiction of the City of Houston (the City), the District must conform to the City ordinance consenting lo the creation of the District. In addition, the District may be annexed by the City without the District's consent. If the District is annexed, the City must assume the District's assets and obligations (including the bonded indebtedness) and abolish the District within 90 days.

Contracts with Other Governmental Units
On May 1, 1991, the District entered into a 40-year agreement which provides for the creation of the Treschwig Regional Wastewater Treatment Facilities Joint Powers Board (the Joint Powers Board). The Joint powers Board is comprised of a member of the board of Directors of each participant in the facilities and is responsible for the ownership, operation, maintenance and expansion of the wastewater treatment facilities and the delivery of service.


Under the terms of the agreement, the District is currently entitled to use 25.75 percent of the 2,000,000 gallons-per-day plant capacity. Operations and maintenance costs are shared on the basis of capacity ownership and equivalent single-family residential connections. The costs of any future expansion will be shared on a basis to "be agreed upon within a separate agreement.

During the year ended December 31, 2007, the District was billed $165,916 for its share of operating costs. The agreement also requires that the district contribute to an operating reserve for the payment of operating costs on a timely basis. The District has deposited $8,085 as its share of the reserve.


The District is within the bounds of the North Harris County Regional Water Authority (the Authority) which was created by the Texas Legislature. The Authority was created to provide a regional entity to acquire surface water and build the necessary facilities to convert from groundwater to surface water in order to meet conversion requirements mandated by the Harris-Galveston Subsidence District, which regulates groundwater withdrawal. As of January 1, 2010 the District paid the Authority $2.20 per 1,000 gallons of water pumped from its well. The amount is subject to future increases and is billed to the residences on a equivalent basis.


The District also has contracts in place for water interconnect in case of emergency. The district has a reciprocal contract with Harris Count M.U.D. #136 and a pay as used connection with HCMUD #82.


The District has a agreement with Harris County to provide 3 constables for security services within the district. Birnam Woods III, IV, V HOA shares the cost of one of the constables thru a contract with the district.